Darkness of the Black Box

darkness in black box

How ironically!

In the program of the self-diagnostic device of the car, it is said that there is a part like the black box that only the manufacturer of the device can know.The user is made to drive a car, carrying the darkness that even a car manufacturer cannot know the contents,Safetymeasures of device in itselfto ensure the security aretoo defenseless. Professor Takefuji grieves that the user seems tocontinue driving “a naked car”.It is a very ironical story.

What humans enjoy.

Something to appear and disappear there, is the true human character which cannot help obeying something. In this case, the user, because of this character, receives the product that attracted the best of the technology called the car including a self-diagnostic device and follows the law that obligates to load it. He does not exam the contents of the car. He does not discuss about the right or wrong of the law either. Rather he enjoys, on the faith of them, the convenience of the machine called the car and the safety.
It is quite a proper demand to make all the information about either the technology or the law open.We have to make something visible be visible. We cannot watch anything if it is put in the black box.

Meaning of being visible

In the first place, the technology is established, at the level of the material, only depending upon seeing things and things to be seen.Through a scientific technological development, the material came to be detected by using an electrical signal where an electromagnetic wave is transmitted in an electric circuit.Because the light is a kind of the electromagnetic wave, it is unchangeable that the material is detected by light after all.If so, all scientific visible worlds are to be the world whose speed is slower than the speed of the light.

Seeing is uncertain

If there is the world that is faster than the speed of the light, we cannot watch it scientifically.We can call it the invisible world.Trust, love, or the feeling of happiness, for example, belong to this world.  We cannot ignore them as long as we live. This invisible world is often assumed “sense of values”.  It is entrusted to each individual what is value for him or her.
That means, it seems to be able to contrast between the scientific world that is described by natural law and the world of the value that is various and is unrelated to the consistency.  However, as the uncertain principle suggests, it becomes clear that things that conventional physical laws certify are indeed vague.  In fact, to see is considerably vague.

A famous comparison

Additionally, how to feel is various among individuals, when they watch a same thing.  One minute on comfortable terrace with a fine landscape is different from one minute in the jam-packed train where the hand holding the bag handle is out of control and no one knows where one should look.  Even the same thing or the same time is felt variously.
However, it seems to me that it is impossible that sense of values is totally different.  Rather, there is a part that is allowed to be different, and a part that is impossible to be different.It is quite difficult to keep peaceful relationship with other peoples or races only through nationalism-like sense of values that insists that oneself or one’s own race is superior and splendid.  Sense of values that we are equal fellow human creatures each other brings about the respect for the others.  The visible things are not necessarily reliable.  Rather among the invisible things, there are many things to be reliable for everyone and many things that are desired to become reliable.

Sharing common values

Only because the law has the sense of values that everyone can share together, everyone can follow it at their ease.  If the sense of values being shared among whole human beings becomes weak, for example if the sense that there is no national border nor economical gap in front of the importance of human life becomes weak, and if the sense of values that insists that only he/she or his/her group should be exclusively good, becomes strong, the strong shall always win and the weak shall always lose.
The roots such as economic disparity, war, uneasiness, dissatisfaction, and the suicide may be unexpectedly in the near place.  If egoistic sense of values spreads, social darkness and the darkness of the mind continue growing big and deep.  To be needed is the law eliminating such darkness rather than the law to drag people into such darkness.  To that end, we must begin with searching for the big sense of values that we can share in the whole human.


This big sense of values itself belongs to the invisible world.  The science is insufficient if so.  This is because the science is just a system of knowledge to cover the visible world only.  Therefore, the system to cover the invisible world has to be prepared.  In order to have the sense of values that the whole human can share, a way of thinking that comprehends the diversity of the invisible world, and unifies it is necessary.  In other words, it is a way of thinking in which we are able to trace the invisible world back to one truth or one Creator ultimately.

Two kinds of darkness illuminated

Besides, “to read” teaches us the obligations as a human being suitable to the big sense of values for whole human beings.  Therefore, it brings the chance for the people to face to the Creator by their will, at the same time, to help each other.  There is the light that is faster than the light.  It can illuminate the darkness of the technology, the darkness of the society, and the darkness of the mind.  A system of the knowledge that can treat it is prepared there.

Reading is Seeing

Then what gives us such a way of thinking?  About the visible world, watching signs scattered in the nature, i.e. natural phenomena can give.  In contrast, about the invisible world, reading signs being revealed from Allah, the Creator, can give us the way[1].  If we read signs of the revelation, we can know that the invisible world is existing.  Then we can notice a way of thinking in which everything in the world is traced back to the One, the Creator, and we can widen it more too.  If we know the way of thinking that can be called “Allah driven”, we become able to “read” signs of the natural phenomena as signs of existence of the Creator.

The weirdness of the self-diagnostic device of the car does not only result from its content that we cannot see.  Rather it can be an unease for what we are obeying and for whether what we are obeying is correct or not.  Our ability of seeing to illuminate the contents of the black box and our ability of reading not to mistake what we should believe in will be tested.


* In Islam, “the sacred book Qur’an” becomes the book in which revelation from Allah was revealed down. It symbolizes this that the first revelation of “Qur’an” is an order “to read” (Qur’an 96:1).


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