We have a lot of Gods: Sentiment of a 90-years-old Lady

Yuzu (Citrus junos)

We have a lot of Gods!?

Is there one or many beings called gods? For Many muslims, that is one of the biggest merkmals that differentiate themselves from others.

Now, regardless of the seasons, acquaintances and neighbors bring the vegetables harvested at their own home to a 90-year-old lady.

From late autumn to early winter, Chinese cabbage, radishes, turnips, Japanese mustard spinach, spinach, taro, sweet potatoes, yuzu, and ginkgo are brought. She sometimes sits quietly on the kitchen door.

Every time she rejoices, saying, “God has come again.” She says, “We have a lot of gods. Thank you very much” is her habit, and she never forgets her gratitude.


God is one! but…

The wave of super-aging is also rushing to this countryside. The 90-year-old has been away from growing vegetables for several years. However, the mutual help of acquaintances or neighbors is still maintained, and in the circle, fine vegetables from the vegetable garden are brought in large quantities many times during the season.

Every time gift is brought, her 60-year-old son hears the word “God.” However, even if you try to repel “It’s not a god. There is one god”, it only causes discomfort and useless conflict.

I am grateful for the gifts that many “gods” have brought, and I am also grateful for the good harvest of crops. It can be said that the word “God” creates a sustainable and good relationship with acquaintances and neighbors, as well as in agricultural work that brings out the blessings of nature, or with nature itself.


Oneness of God: difficult to understand

God is “one”, but it is difficult to understand that it is “one”. That is why Islam has the name Allah, but when you give it a name, you are conscious of something else. There is only that, but other things come to mind. Isn’t this a contradiction?

Is it possible to call it “one thing” when other things come to mind? In other words, the way of “1” that “being one” is conscious without saying “there is no god other than Allah”. Isn’t it that we can somehow reach that “1” for the first time together? The existence of a god is so commonplace that it is easy to lose sight of it.


Wisdom in Japanese Language

It may be one wisdom that Japanese has a structure in which there is a god in everything in the form of eight million gods without giving a name to that big “one”. ..

There, people are caught and accused or attacked by calling them bad guys or unbelievers just because they don’t understand or accept the “1”. There is nothing to target. What is the sin of a living person who finds God everywhere and appreciates people and heaven?

While cherishing the gifts from many “Gods,” she has a good relationship with the people around her and with nature. And she enjoys a brief walk on a mild winter sunny day, with no pain or itching. She is nowadays she is also enjoying a richer life. Alhamdulillah.